NewsNet acknowledges donors


Howard E. Wall and the Philip L. Graham Fund were recognized by NewsNet faculty and students Feb. 20 for their contribution of funds used to purchase new equipment.

“Hundreds of NewsNet faculty and students will benefit for years from this timely donation,” said Laurie Wilson, Communications Department Chair.

“Our publications will be more professionally done and our students will leave their studies better prepared to enter the workforce and pursue their chosen careers,” she said.

In July 2000, the Philip L. Graham Fund, the funding arm of the Washington Post Company, generously donated funds to NewsNet to purchase an image setter, PC equipment and software in honor of Howard Wall, Wilson said.

“An image setter is to newspaper, as a camera is to broadcast,” said NewsNet managing director John Gholdston.

“If you don”t have quality to work with, even the best writing doesn”t look as good,” he said.

An image setter is used to pick up advertisements and newspaper copy off the computer network, said Sharon Ugolini, 18, a sophomore from Sandy, Salt Lake County, majoring in print journalism.

Ugolini, who uses the image setter daily in the production of the newspaper, said the images are then printed on photosensitive paper to be used in the layout process.

“The new image setter makes it easier; it”s lots less complicated,” she said.

In 1993, Wall became the Chair of the newly created Department of Communications Development Advisory Board, Wilson said.

He served in the position until 1997, she said.

“Under his direction the Development Advisory Board raised an excess of 6 million dollars, established minority and ethics scholarships, identified funding foci and became a force for good within the department,” Wilson said.

Wall and his wife have also personally endowed several scholarships and programs, she said.

Wilson said Wall brought a wealth of experience and connections to his position as Chair of the Development Advisory Board.

He served as vice president of the Washington Post Company, president and chief of executive office and eventually chair of Post-Newsweek Cable, Wilson said.

He also served as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Field Enterprises, Inc., vice president and the treasurer of Dun & Bradstreet Companies, and assistant comptroller of General Dynamics Corporation, she said.

Wall, due to illness, was unable to attend the event. A videotape and report of the event will be sent to him in honor of his contribution.

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