Letter to the Editor: Use caution when riding bikes on campus


    Dear Editor,

    I would like to comment on the many bikes on our campus.

    While bikes are a good source of transportation and are the only option for many college students, a certain amount of caution should be used when riding on or around campus.

    As I walk around campus, I have observed bike riders riding their bikes on sidewalks that have barely enough room for students to walk, let alone ride a bike.

    Bikes should not be ridden on campus, especially during the ten minutes between classes.

    There is even a sign on campus that specifically states bikes should not be ridden on campus the last ten minutes of the hour.

    While for the most part those who ride bikes are abiding by this rule, the few who don’t are endangering the many students walking around campus.

    The best thing, for the safety of all, would be for a bike rider to park their bike at the nearest bike rack for the day and only walk the bike around campus when absolutely necessary.

    I have also observed students riding their bikes down the hill that leads from the Tanner Building to Helaman Halls.

    This is dangerous because it is easy to pick up speed and it also curves making it harder to see down the hill and easier for an accident to occur.

    There is also a sign stating a $50 fine for those who ride bikes down that hill. While many follow this rule, the few who don’t are making that path dangerous to the many who have to walk it several times a day.

    Please be more cautious so we can avoid an accident before it happens.

    Hannalee Sevey

    Riverside, California

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