Salespeople offer tips for overcoming Christmas shopping woes


    By Emily Hellewell

    Sometimes the most miserable part of the giving season is finding the perfect gifts to give.

    Crowds of people carrying bags full of sweaters that are too small and toys that break before New Year’s Day, can create a difficult shopping experience.

    It is nearly impossible to find an acceptable gift at the last minute for the little-known cousin picked in the family gift exchange, let alone for parents or good friends.

    Marche Boyer, an employee at the Gap in University Mall, said there are ways to find gifts even during the busy holiday shopping season.

    Gift sets filled with lotions and perfumes are great gift ideas and are sometimes wrapped as gift packs, she said.

    Boyer said customers who need more help and suggestions from employees should plan shopping trips for less busy times, like earlier in the day.

    Carol Covert, who works at ZCMI in the University Mall, said she suggests starting holiday shopping early because there is a better selection of sizes and colors.

    The holidays are busy times, and when the right product is not in stock, it can make everyone more stressed out, she said.

    Covert said customers need to be prepared to be more patient at this time of the year.

    There are more people shopping so employees find it hard to give individual attention to every customer, she said.

    April Adams, an employee at Bath and Body Works in the University Mall, enjoys working during the holiday season.

    People are more focused on giving to others rather than buying for themselves, she said.

    They are nicer, Adams said. Customers are filled with the holiday spirit and are more patient.

    Adams suggests shopping early in order to have the best shopping experience.

    “It is more calming to shop early than waiting until the last day,” she said.

    Kristen Turley, am employee at Abercrombie and Fitch at the Shops at the Riverwoods, said she agreed that it is important to be a little extra patient while holiday shopping.

    Shopping in the morning and in the middle of the week, not on the weekend, is more pleasant because there are fewer crowds, Turley said.

    Sharon Hampton decided to get a jump-start on her holiday shopping this year.

    Hampton said if she gets her shopping done early, the holiday season seems to go smoothly.

    “I have time to enjoy the holidays,” she said.

    Hampton said it is more enjoyable for her to shop when the stores are not crowded in the late morning, afternoon and early evening.

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