Letter to the Editor: Library should stay open later


    Dear Editor,

    I have often been told that the Spirit goes to bed at midnight, but around BYU housing he must stick around until 1:30 a.m. on Friday nights. Therefore, my roommates and friends get to enjoy an extra hour and a half with their special someones. My question is, why am I denied that glorious time? Every Friday at midnight the library closes, and I am torn from the one and only in my life and must go home to face my roommates and their smug smiles of nearly unconscious delight. I have come to hate the tune that demands my separation. Just because I am one of the hundreds of single young women here who has nobody but dear, kind, understanding Harold with whom to share my evenings does not mean that I should be stigmatized in this manner. I apologize to all library employees who have someone to go home to and, therefore, think my request unfair. Perhaps the library should only hire people like me. Then maybe I’d get to change the song.

    Ann Poulson

    Los Angeles

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