UVSC and Liberty Square show edited R-rated movies


    By Gina Groeger

    UVSC shows edited R-rated movies, and soon Liberty Square will be showing them too.

    Jack Fuller Jr., the managing owner of Liberty Square, said recently a license agreement was signed and they will be showing films soon.

    Liberty Square purchased the rights to clip movies. But, to have this right the movies must be out on VHS first, Fuller said.

    Not just R-rated movies will be shown and clipped. Fuller said they will clip scenes on any movie according to BYU standards.

    UVSC, however, does not clip R-rated movies but has been showing them off and on for at least four or five years said Bob Rasmussen, director of student life at UVSC.

    UVSC does not edit the films Rasmussen said, rather the films come from the company already edited. In fact, the films are the television and airplane edited versions.

    Liberty Square has two resrictions on the license agreement. The restrictions are no advertising off the block and no charging for the films, Fuller said.

    Rasmussen said one agreement UVSC has with Fwank Motion Pictures is to not advertise the films off UVSC campus.

    Liberty Square will be showing the movies in its clubhouse on its big screen. The movies have not started yet because of some projector system problems, Fuller said.

    Fuller said they are open to student’s suggestions for movies.

    The Varsity Theater used to show edited films, and students loved it. Because that service is no longer available Liberty Square is trying to provide that service for those who live here, Fuller said.

    UVSC bought the right to show movies from Fwank Motion Pictures. However, UVSC still has to rent the movies from Fwank Motion Pictures, Rasmussen said.

    Renting the films costs from 500 dollars to over 1000 dollars.

    Rasmussen said UVSC does not have a policy against showing R-rated films, but students can go anywhere to watch an R-rated film and would not come to the UVSC showing. However, students will come to see an edited R-rated film.

    “It is an economic issue,” Rasmussen said.

    The UVSC showing occurs one night a month with two showings. Rasmussen said between May and September the movies are shown outside where they can seat 600 to 800 people. Between October and April the movies are shown in the theater that can seat 400 people.

    Analiese Detrick, a UVSC student, said she has seen signs for the movies on campus, but has never been to one although she said she has thought about it.

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