Letter to the Editor: Appreciate differences


    Dear Editor,

    I am writing this in response to the Reader’s Forum article “Stop the Insanity.”

    First off, I find it surprising that people can have this level of narrow-mindedness toward fellow students. Writing in chalk on the sidewalk washes off, and should not be classified as vandalism. Instead of whining about some sidewalk chalk advertisements, perhaps we could look on the bright side and congratulate the high level of school spirit that is being demonstrated by these signs.

    Second, labeling the people that listen to X-96 and have wedding ring hang-ups when it comes to the statues on campus as evil is nothing short of a judgmental overstatement. Let’s not forget that he also calls people that wear socks with their sandals evil-doers. Just because they don’t have the same style as the majority isn’t a qualification for sin. Last time I read the scriptures, the Lord didn’t say, “Wo unto those that wear socks with their sandals, for they shall be thrust down to hell.” Apparently, some of us need to get over our insignificant pet peeves and start appreciating the differences in our student body.

    I would like to make a new proposal. If students want to write “Go Cougars” on the sidewalk, let them. If students want to wear socks with their sandals, let them. If they think that the statues on campus should have wedding rings, let them. If they want to listen to X-96, let them. Punishing people for such actions is hardly Christlike and is, in fact, leaning more toward totalitarianism. A university is supposed to be a place where people with different tastes and opinions come together and share their unique differences to make the student body better as a whole.

    Let’s try to be a little more open-minded when it comes to something as trivial as sock wearing, honestly.

    James K. Fisher

    Albuquerque, N.M.

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