Letter to the Editor: Kudos to BYU football


    Dear Editor,

    This is an open letter to the BYU football team, coaches, students and fans.

    CLASS ACT. I think this pretty well sums up Lavell Edwards. I know he will be missed at BYU.

    GRITTY PERFORMANCE. Despite playing their 4th game in 20 days and missing key players, BYU gave it all they had on the playing field. I will always wonder if the outcome would have been different if they had been rested and healthy. I will admit to being a MSU Bulldog fan (since I live in Starkville) but I look forward to the rematch here next year.

    CLASSLESS, GUTLESS and JUST PLAIN SORRY. The powers-that-be in the Mountain West Conference. If they had wanted to, they could have done something about the killer scheduling they laid on BYU to start this season. You deserve better. If I were a student there I would be wondering if the MWC had it in for us.

    I salute you all. I hope you go undefeated for the rest of this season

    And all of you that can, please come to Starkville next year for some good, southern hospitality and what I hope will be a tightly contested game between two rested and healthy teams.

    Jerry Wolf

    Starkville, Miss.

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