NewsNet will webcast ‘Off the Record’


NewsNet will webcast the first “Off the Record” show where BYU football players will perform their “Mustache Song” and display some of their off-the-field talents.

In the Varsity Theatre, Wednesday, BYUSA will kick off the semester’s “Off the Record” show, featuring athletes who will balance objects on their chins and perform other stupid human tricks.

“Today you’re going to see crazy human tricks by some of the BYU football jokers, including Hans Olsen’s infamous chin balancing act featured recently (Aug. 21, 2000 issue) in ESPN The Magazine ,” said Brian Henderson, the show’s deputy dawg.

The format is that of a late-night talk show with a monologue, guests and live bands, said Jake Ball, host of the show.

The band “Well Behaved Monkey” will be performing at Wednesday’s show.

There will also be tryouts for the official OTR mascot.

“It’s going to be a rip-snorting good time,” Ball said.

The show can be seen on NewsNet starting at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 13.

OTR was started Winter Semester by Ball. While hosting Soapbox on campus, a forum designed for students to have an intellectual debate or an outlet to voice their opinions, Ball found that students were using the venue to entertain each other. As a result, “Off the Record” was created.

“This show could have a legitimate impact at BYU,” said Kevin Mumford, Executive Director of Campus Activities. “Something just as familiar as other BYU activities.”

A 35-person crew was selected to help write, produce and perform the show this year.

“I like working with people and making people laugh,” said Glen Ruche, the show’s official ‘go to man’ in charge.

Instead of only three shows like last year, “Off the Record” will perform every other Wednesday.

Ball said that the show focuses on showcasing BYU talent.

“There’s so much talent and great people here,” Ball said.

A different local band will perform every week on “Off the Record.”

“I guarantee that it will be the most entertaining thing that you can do with your afternoon,” Ball said.

Ruche also schedules the guests on the show. His plans to get people who bring interest to BYU. These would be LDS celebrities, role models and other interesting and fun people in Utah.

The show would like to have Steve Young, the Osmonds and Robert Redford on the show, Rusche said.

Last year Peter Brienholt, three of BYU’s basketball players and an Latter-day Saint comedy couple, the Abbots, hosted the show.

Free tickets are being distributed on campus and door prizes will be given based on the tickets.

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