Letter to the Editor: Laws seem to be inconsistant


    Dear Editor,

    I hope the tragic contrast between two recent articles was not lost on your readers. One reported that an 18-year-old woman in Oregon gave birth at a family reunion and immediately drowned the child in a bathtub. She is “expected to be arraigned on a murder charge.”

    Meanwhile in New Jersey, a federal appeals court “agreed that a (New Jersey) law banning certain late-term abortions is unconstitutional.”

    So are we to understand (according to this court’s decision), that instead of murdering her newborn in a filled bathtub, she could have flown to New Jersey just weeks before the delivery and had the child aborted?

    Is it that much more detrimental to society to deliver then kill, than to kill and then deliver?

    There’s something wrong with this picture. I hope we as a people are honest enough to take a consistent stand, and wise enough to take the correct one.

    Michael Christenson

    Porterville, Calif.

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