Indepedent American Party holds conference


    By Stephen Schwendiman

    Virtues are what make a nation excellent, said Sarah Ward, president of the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

    “Everyone has values including Adolf Hitler,” Ward said. On the other hand virtue represents worth and purity, she said.

    Ward, from Knightstown, Indiana, was one of the feature speakers Saturday, July 8, at the National Conference of the Independent American Party at the county commission chambers in Salt Lake City.

    “We need to register our concerns and convictions,” Ward said.

    Ward said she was concerned with the way the nation is dealing with tobacco, gambling, pornography and alcohol abuse.

    Ward said she is amazed at how quickly the government will take action in pulling things from the market that pose minimal health threats, yet when it comes to things proven to be dangerous, like alcohol, the government seems to do nothing.

    Because of what the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union stands for and what it has done, the WCTU has been a forerunner to the gospel of Jesus Christ, said Lee Mckenzie, advisor to the state Indepedent American Party and Independent American Party candidate for Lt. Governor.

    The first temperance union was organized in 1825, five years before the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mckenzie said.

    Ward said she was impressed with the LDS church’s stand on some of these issues. She also congratulated the state of Utah on the prohibition of gambling.

    “Any use is abuse,” Ward said.

    Ward said the nation needs parents to be good examples. Adults need to stop the abuse first, she said.

    “Where do kids get their first [alcoholic] drinks? Out of the refrigerator,” Ward said.

    Ward’s family and moral values are representative of what the IAP stands for, said Bruce Bangerter, IAP national chairman.

    Bangerter said the IAP is a pro-family organization that supports strong traditional families.

    The IAP considers itself to be a Christian party, Bangerter said.

    However, it is not a requirement to be a member of a certain religion to take part in the party, Bangerter said.

    Dan Hansen, Western States Chairman of the Constitution Party from Sparks, Nevada, also spoke at the conference.

    Hansen said the battle between good and evil is an eternal battle.

    “Morality sees further than intellect,” Hansen said.

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