Library?s new addition gets rave reviews from its employees


    By Danny Bower

    Nearing the completion of its first full year of service to BYU students, the new addition of the Harold B. Lee Library is getting high reviews from its student employees.

    Technology, security and centrality are some of the key improvements workers mention that make the new addition a great place to work.

    “Our job is to help people, and the new technology helps a bunch. The new library helps us to help more people be more effective students,” said Jacqui Rencher, 19, from Denver, Colo., who works as a library reference assistant.

    “The computer systems are really nice,” said Rencher, a junior majoring in dietetics. “They make it easy for students to learn how to use the library. We are lucky to have them.”

    In addition to new technology, the new structure places computers near reference desks, allowing workers to help students individually.

    Cammie van Katwyk, 19, a junior from Vacaville, Calif., majoring in English, works at the library as a general reference assistant.

    She said that because of the new entrance more students use general research services.

    “This place isn’t slow anymore,” van Katwyk said. “Students are always in here looking for help.”

    Library security confirmed that nearly 15,000 students, over half of the student enrollment, passed through the new entrance daily during the Fall and Winter semesters.

    With so many students using the new entrance, the library has also stepped up security in the new addition.

    Coulson Young, 27, a senior, majoring in Spanish, from Sumner, Wash., is employed as a security guard at the new library.

    Young said the new addition makes his job easier.

    “The entrance is better; it is more central and it accommodates a larger number of students,” Young said. “We are also able to monitor the entrance better. Before, we had to monitor two entrances and had less security personnel. This is much better.”

    “Yep, we’re lucky,” van Katwyk said. “It?s like living and working in a new house with lots of gadgets.”

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