Letter to the Editor: Can BYU filter these guys out?


    Dear Editor,

    I thought the NCMO thing was bad — you know, that BYU-student business that arranged non-committal make-out sessions for the socially deprived? Pathetic.

    Now I read reports in all the major Utah papers about a few loser BYU and UVSC students wasting their testosterone on hitting each other. The boys involved are either

    a) bored

    b) infantile

    c) not very bright, or

    d) all of the above

    It’s an embarrassment to me as a BYU alumnus to read reports about things like this. One would hope that BYU’s admissions procedures screen out the deadweight that has obviously filtered into the school. I know that most students at BYU are more intent on a solid education and (in many cases) raising a family than a solid right-hook and raising one’s skewed self-esteem at the end of a boxing match. Still, it reflects poorly on the school to have juveniles parading their inanity about in the formation of fight clubs, NCMO businesses, or whatever.

    At some point, the boys involved will use their testosterone for more productive means. In the meantime, will some female BYU students ask these guys out? They desperately need lives.

    Matt Asay

    Stanford, Calif.

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