Internet conference viewers respond to NewsNet coverage


NewsNet Managing Director John Gholdston said it is the “tear-stained emails” from around the world that compel NewsNet to broadcast general conference over the Internet in multiple languages.

In the past, NewsNet has received e-mails from France, Germany, Japan, England, Brazil, Austria and American Samoa.

Below are portions of selected e-mails NewsNet received this past weekend in response to this year’s broadcast.

“My dear brothers and sisters, you don’t know how grateful I am to you for broadcasting conference over the Internet, especially the video. I have muscular dystrophy, and it has been fantastic for me to be able to stay at home and see our leaders directly in my house.”

— Gonzalo Quinonez, Puebla, Mexico

“Thank you! We tried to listen through the other connections and weren’t able to bring up the Japanese versions on the other places available. We went into NewsNet and were able to bring up the Japanese version without any buffering problems. Thank you very much.”

— James McArthur, Fukuoka, Japan

“Your general conference coverage was superb. Thank you for this marvelous opportunity.”

— Maximiliano Ruiz, Mexico City, Mexico

“(We) successfully watched general conference with the Spanish video (sound off) stream provided by NewsNet and Dutch media stream from LDSWorld. Loads of thanks, since we were able to follow most sessions. We have two little children, and to see conference we need to travel an hour to our stake center.”

— Marco Dubbeld, Middleburg, Netherlands

“I’m so glad there’s a place to ‘watch’ conference on the Internet. Thank you.”

–Ben Hamatake, Grantsville, Utah

“I really appreciate your conference coverage. I think the summaries for each talk are effective in conveying the speaker’s message.”

–Matthew W. Baker, Cambridge, Mass.

“It has been great to print off some of the talks and information about the new conference center to use with my seminary class tomorrow.”

–Peggy Welsh, Houston, Texas

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