Elder Eyring says prayer is a necessity for church leaders, young and old



    In the Sunday morning session of general conference, Elder Henry B. Eyring, an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, said prayer is a necessity for church leadership.

    “‘You better do a lot of praying’ is good counsel for all of the Lord’s servants, new or seasoned,” Elder Eyring said.

    Elder Eyring said that in the last year, nearly two million members were called in a leadership position. Nearly half of these are filled by the youth of the church.

    Also, with hundreds of thousands of people baptized each year, many new members are given the opportunity to serve, he said.

    Elder Eyring said people who “know organizations in the world” might predict failure for a fast growing church depending on new and young leaders, but if the church relies on God it is possible.

    “When they see through the eyes of faith … confidence replaces fear because they turn to God,” he said.

    Elder Eyring said this dependency on God is needed in the cycle of leadership.

    “Just as those members were called to watch over and strengthen others, you were placed under the same obligation to watch over and strengthen them,” he said.

    Many have been asked to do things for the church outside of their ability, and members should pray for their teachers and leaders, Elder Eyring said.

    “Every meeting you attend, every class, every activity will have someone will be doing something that to them is at the limit of the capacities, or maybe a little beyond,” he said.

    Elder Eyring spoke of an experience when he addressed church members and felt many were praying for him.

    “I was lifted beyond what I knew were my abilities,” he said.

    Others will feel this as well, Elder Eyring said.

    “Calls will stretch you,” he said, “The Holy Ghost will tell you what to do when your own abilities and efforts are not enough.”

    Elder Eyring said he has witnessed a miracle of changed members and leaders because of prayer.

    “Their souls have been enlarged and their understanding enlightened and their minds expanded,” he said.

    “Their watching over and testifying and loving and helping each other has let the Lord give a miracle of growth in the hearts and capacities of humble sons and daughters of God.”

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