Letter to the editor: stop whining and act sportsmanlike


    Dear Editor:

    When I was in the third grade, I remember learning to run long distances and racing my peers on the play grounds. That developed into playing city league sports and even intramurals at Ricks College and here. I’ve coached teams, been a member of teams, managed, been a captain and a spectator. In all my years of sports, I don’t think I’ve been more disappointed with the unsportsmanlike conduct anywhere than here on campus.

    We are told, as members of the church to love one another and to emulate Christ in our lives, yet students here don’t seem to understand that type of living continues on the court too.

    When I’ve attended open play and played intramurals, I’ve always left with a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sick of not being able to have fun because of the bad attitudes that accompany the players on almost every court. I am sick of hearing cuss words and bad comments about the opposition. If you don’t like who you are playing against either leave the court, or realize you are the problem and change your attitude.

    I’ve heard that sportsmanship has been an issue before at BYU and that they have taken measures to try and fix it, but each student is responsible for themselves. As a BYU student, we are representing what this school stands for in our everyday lives and contact with people. As a member of the church, we are representing Christ on this earth. You have to be a Latter-day Saint at all times and in all places. I would hope that those who have a problem with sportsmanship would look it up in the dictionary and try to improve their attitudes so the rest of us can enjoy our experiences on the court.

    Jessica Paris

    Worland, Wyo.

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