Letter to the editor: Dropping men’s gymnastics and wrestling was wrong


    Dear Editor:

    I was excited to see that BYU obtained $5 million for a supercomputer, $7 million for a new baseball and softball stadium, $3 million for a new e-business research center and $40 million for a new indoor football training complex. What is so disheartening is that the school had to drop two great sports, men’s gymnastics and wrestling to save money. But all those millions don’t seem to add up to the $150,000 that was saved by dropping those two great sports. As a former BYU gymnast, my condolences go out to all the hard-working athletes who got the raw end of this deal. Gymnastics head coach Mako Sakamoto turned his team into a national powerhouse. Wrestling head coach Mark Schultz had some of the best recruiting classes these past two years, taking his team into the top 25.

    Two BYU gymnasts, both national champions, have to say good-bye to their sport. Two Olympic caliber coaches have to hit the road – all in the name of saving money. Well, it seems like there is plenty of money to go around. I am glad that BYU finally admitted that dropping the sports was based on Title IX, which isn’t what BYU administration told the teams when they delivered the bad news last April. So yes, I am pleased that there will be a new baseball and softball stadium, a new supercomputer and a new football training complex, but looking at all the millions of dollars in evidence, dropping men’s gymnastics and wrestling was wrong. Please admit it was wrong, and save these programs.

    Trent Wells


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