BYUSA should host Poverty Awareness Week


    Dear Editor:

    In light of Disability Awareness Week last week, I feel there is a condition even less sympathized with here on campus: poverty. Not enough people understand the difficulties poor people have to endure, so I propose BYUSA sponsor a Poverty Awareness Week. We will select a random poor person, (myself), count how much disposable cash he has for this week ($2.73), and challenge everyone to spend no more than that amount of money for one week. I realize this will shut down the Zuka Juice stand for that week, and huge lines will ensue at each water fountain since no one can afford to spend $3 on a bottle of “fresh mountain spring” water, but such trials should be endured to foster a better understanding of poor people.

    My ultimate goal is to establish a 52 week series of awareness activities including Prosperity Awareness Week, Homeless Person Awareness, Ugly Person Awareness, People With No Fashion Sense Awareness and Sinners Awareness, followed immediately by Righteous Persons Awareness. If all goes according to plan, by the end of the year we will finally have a student body that is capable of being compassionate to all people regardless of their circumstances.

    Philip J Smith

    Frederick, MD

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