Letter to the editor: Intramural Sports and cost


    I am writing in response to Thursday’s letter “What does it cost?” To refresh the readers’ memories, a student was whining about having to pay $20 to play intramurals.

    In my 4 1/2 years at BYU, I have played in 37 intramural seasons. I have played intramurals so often that most of the veteran employees there know my name. I would like to speak in their defense.

    First, as a captain of about 30 of these teams, I am required to attend a captains’ meeting every semester. In fact, I’ve been to nine of them. During every meeting, the intramural officials stressed their strict eligibility requirements. That is, if you are not a full-time student or staff, you are required to buy an intramural card. If you are a senior at BYU, it can be assumed that you have played an intramural sport during your earlier years. This rule has been known to you and now you are whining about it because it now applies to you?

    Second, it is my understanding that you are saving money from not being considered a full-time student. Isn’t this amount greater than $20? And how much do other students at other colleges pay for their tuition? Be grateful that intramurals isn’t charging more for you to play.

    Finally, if you had to pay to play on a city league team, how much would it cost? Minimum of $50. You should be thankful that BYU has a great intramurals program for students to play in. I commend the intramural employees on their superb efforts toward the program. I will truly miss it when I graduate. If you can’t be grateful about being able to play athletics at a minimal cost, there are pages of people on wait lists that are more than willing to take your place.

    Jimmy Mo

    Wilmington, Del.

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