Cougar Club promotes ‘True Blue’



    The Cougar Club is painting the town blue for the 1999 fall football season.

    “We want to get a sense of community that is built around BYU athletics,” said Mike Middleton, director of the Cougar Club.

    Dave Broberg, assistant director of the Cougar Club, said anyone who wants to support BYU athletics can join the Cougar Club.

    “We want to generate money for BYU’s athletic programs, support student athletes and foster community support through promotions,” Broberg said.

    The “True Blue” business program, sponsored by the Cougar Club, is focusing on involving the businesses near Cougar stadium, Middleton said.

    Broberg said the Cougar Club wants to give businesses around Cougar Stadium balloons, supplies to window paint and T-shirts for their employees.

    “We want people who come to Provo on game day to know that the Cougars are here,” Broberg said.

    Middleton said the Cougar Club is also trying to get approval from the city to paint cougars and Ys on the roads that lead to the stadium.

    Broberg said the idea for the “True Blue” business program started when BYU football fans went down to Tuscaloosa, Ala., last year for the Alabama game.

    “When you arrived in town you new this was U of A country. It was a party,” Broberg said.

    Middleton said it was amazing to go to Alabama where every store had a crimson flag.

    “We want to bring that same kind of game day spirit to Provo,” he said.

    Middleton said the “True Blue” business program is first focusing on the roads that lead to the stadium but will eventually focus on all businesses in the community.

    “The idea is to get off I-15 and see nothing but blue and white,” Middleton said.

    Businesses that want to get involved can join the Cougar Club and pay an annual fee of $250 or more, Middleton said. This donation helps hundreds of BYU student athletes.

    “Businesses that do participate find that it all comes back to them in terms of visibility and popularity,” Middleton said.

    The Cougar Club wants to create a closeness between the university and community, he said. The Cougar Club also hopes it will be able to carry the “True Blue” campaign over to other sports.

    Middleton said BYU has a lot of die hard fans and the “True Blue” campaign will give businesses and the university an opportunity to show support.

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