PE clothes just fine, says locker room manager


    Dear Editor:

    I am writing in reply to the letter claiming the PE Issue is not in compliance with the Honor Code.

    I must agree with your pharisaical letter of the law observation that yes, the shorts are above the knee. However, you need to realize that these shorts are intended for use only in the physical education facilities, for athletic activities, such as PE classes, and free play.

    Thus they are in perfect compliance with BYU’s Honor Code which states in the Dress and Grooming Standards section paragraph 3: “Clothing should be modest in fabric, fit, and style, and appropriate for the occasion.”

    I assume the writer would not condone most athletic events at BYU either since the athletes and cheerleaders involved are wearing clothing that is not acceptable. What can we expect next? A letter condemning the gymnastics team’s clothing? The swim team’s speedos or the tight pants the football team wears? Maybe a complaint about the coffee jelly beans that are being sold at the bookstore.

    The College of Health and Human Performance has made every effort to maintain modesty in the clothing issued to students while also providing appropriate apparel for all the athletic activities that can be found in the Richards Building and Smith Fieldhouse.

    We also feel it is very important that all students are in compliance with the dress and grooming standards outlined by the Honor Code and will continue to enforce them in our facilities when necessary. PE Issues are acceptable in our facilities but are not for wear anywhere else around campus.

    Camron Cutler

    Men’s Locker Room Manager

    Boise, Idaho

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