BYU students look to nearby cities for cheaper rent



    While rental opportunities south of Provo may be harder to find, some students find quieter, less expensive housing worth the extra search.

    Dane Sanchez, real estate agent for Total Property Management in Provo, said the Springville and Spanish Fork areas offer a different atmosphere.

    “It is just a little quieter of a lifestyle. You are moving into neighborhoods that are all families and not as many renters,” Sanchez said.

    A lot of families used to flock to Provo but are now looking to get away from the congestion Sanchez said. While the more rural conditions may entice student families, Sanchez said that single housing is rare.

    “There isn’t a whole lot of housing south of Provo related to singles. We don’t see a lot of buyers of students rentals,” Sanchez said.

    John Pace, manager of BYU’s Off Campus Housing Office, said there is no BYU approved housing south of Provo. He also said that the housing department rarely lists rentals for the Springville and Spanish Fork areas.

    Married students, who do not need BYU approved housing, find that lower rent is an added benefit. According to the rentals listed last week in the Daily Herald classified advertisements, Provo had the highest average rental costs. Single bedroom properties in Spanish Fork had the lowest average at 382 dollars a month. Springville averaged 450 dollars a month.

    Provo finished last at 462 dollars. The number of Provo rentals nearly doubled those of Spanish Fork and Springville combined.

    Dave Chapa, 24, a UVSC student and father of two, went to the extreme to find affordable housing. Chapa found a home in Eureka, nearly 50 miles south of Provo.

    “Eureka had the cheapest rent I had ever seen. I was paying 350 dollars a month for a one bedroom house,” Chapa said.

    Chapa, who now lives in Orem, said that more rural living does have its drawbacks.

    “I enjoyed the stars and the quiet, but the drive was just too much. It ended up costing us the same amount with gas and maintenance for the car,” Chapa said.

    Some students find that Springville provides both quiet and convenience. Lucy Anderson, manager of a rental complex in Springville, said the location is quiet and fairly close to campus. Anderson said that half of her twelve rentals are to married students who enjoy a quiet, family-oriented lifestyle.

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