Alpine School District shuffles leadership


    By KAREN ROCHESTER and Holly Durfey

    Leadership positions for Alpine School District schools will change on July 1.

    Tim Brantley, currently assistant principal at Orem High School, will become the new Lehi Junior High School Principal.

    Brantley said he has loved his time at Orem High becuase of the outstanding community and teachers.

    “It will be hard to leave,” he said.

    This is a great oppurtunity to work with the people of Lehi Brantley said. He said he’s also excited to be the principal.

    “I hope to bring about a student focused environment. This will be where the students get knowledge and use the knowledge instead of just recalling the facts,” he said.

    Sheralyn Dahle, Lehi Junior High School PTA president said, “I am sure the new principal will do a good job.”

    However, Dahle said the current Principal, Dr. John Spencer, will definitely be missed in the transition.

    “The relationship he has with the students has been a positive experience for them. They are really going to miss that,” Dahle said.

    Spencer is leaving Lehi Junior High School to become the new principal for Orem High because the current principal, Dr. John Childs, is leaving on assignment to work at the district offices.

    Spencer called the move “bitter sweet.”

    “Orem High has a tradition of excellent standards and programs,” Spencer said.

    Orem High is one of the world class high schools in the state, he said.

    “I am excited to be stepping into this opportunity, to be the head of this excellence. High school programs are something I am familiar with, and I am excited to return to that type of setting,” Spencer said.

    Brad Kendall, assistant principal at Timpanogos High School will step forward to replace the current principal Dr. Vern Henshaw, who has accepted a position in the school district offices.

    Kendall has been a high school principal before. He said that having prior experience has prepared him to take this leadership position.

    Kendall said that all school administrators have ownership in what is being done at the school.

    “We have a great program and great staff, the challenge is to keep going and to progress,” Kendall said.

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