Letter to the Editor: It’s OK to cry


    Dear Editor:

    This letter is addressed to all the male members of this school who have been forced to be molded into what society calls a man.

    While growing up, we are taught to express our feelings, but this dramatically changes for young men when they reach a certain age. They are teased, picked on, and called names by other guys if they express “too many” emotions.

    For example, a short time ago I was having conversation with one of my roommates, and after I said something he didn’t agree with, he started to harass me. He started teasing me to the point that I became quite sensitive and began to cry, which, of course, only provoked him even further. We finally worked things out, but my point is: “So what if I’m sensitive?” Why can’t I be treated like any other person with sensitive feelings.

    I believe other guys will agree with me when I say the pressure on guys to be strong, rough and non-sensitive is ridiculous. I’m sure every guy would admit this if he was not intimidated by what others would say. We need to break the trends society has set for us and have no fears in expressing how we truly feel. Don’t be afraid of what others may say, it is OK to cry.

    Jaren Wilson

    Colorado Springs, Colo.

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