Woman assaulted at Wymount Terrace



    A woman was assaulted in a Wymount Terrace laundry room Tuesday morning.

    According to a University Police news release, the victim was doing her laundry when a person came into the building. The suspect walked around the laundry room then came over to her and pressed something against her neck. The victim said she thought the person was a woman but soon realized the suspect was a man after hearing his voice. The man told her he had a gun and not to move.

    The woman screamed and ran out of the building. Seconds later the suspect fled the scene.

    According to the press release, the victim described the man as a white male, with dark mascara or makeup around his eyes. She said he was about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a fair complexion and slender build, weighing approximately 120 pounds.

    He appeared to be in his early 30s with long, straight, dirty blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. He was wearing a knit shirt with horizontal blue and pink stripes and rolled-up denim shorts.

    Police said the suspect possibly fled in a small faded red pickup truck, similar to a 1980s Nissan.

    Police are seeking information on anyone matching the description of the suspect or the vehicle. They are also looking for leads for similar cases. Anyone with information is asked to call investigator Steven Messick at 378-4051.

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