Letter to the Editor: Report SAC activities


    Dear Editor:

    Why do the campus-wide publications not dedicate more coverage to the activities of the Student Advisory Council? This council, which is similar to a student senate at other universities, is gaining significant influence among BYU’s administration. If the Daily Universe will afford greater exposure to the activities of this body, the students of BYU will become aware of an effective venue where they can receive help with issues that affect them.

    Some examples of the influence which SAC wields can be seen through the following. At the start of Fall Semester 1998, Elder Henry B. Eyring spoke to the BYUSA leaders. Among those leaders was Dan Schoeni, the vice president of SAC. Elder Eyring specifically challenged Dan to make SAC the forum where students can present and work on issues concerning the BYU community. The body of SAC also receives occasional reports from the Faculty Advisory Council. Furthermore, members of SAC hold positions on the great majority of committees on campus in which students participate. This body of student leaders provides an important link between our student body and the administration of the university. Daily Universe, please help bring the activities of SAC to the attention of the student body by reporting on the activities of this student council.

    Ryan Nichols


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