Most traffic accidents due to careless driving



    The results of a five-year study of Provo City traffic were released yesterday by the Provo City Police Department. The study revealed that the majority of accidents are caused by drivers’ careless errors.

    The study included data compiled from accidents reported between Jan. 1, 1994 and Oct. 26, 1998.

    It found that accidents happen most often when drivers fail to yield, don’t give an adequate look out and follow too closely behind other cars.

    70 to 75 percent of the accidents reported happened in daylight with clear weather conditions and a dry road.

    Although wet road conditions, stormy weather and the darkness make driving more hazardous, more accidents happen in better driving conditions because people aren’t as careful, said Lieutenant Greg Duval of the Provo Police Department, who assited in collecting and analyzing traffic data.

    Duval attributes some of Provo’s traffic problems to the grid system adopted by the early settlers who layed out Utah’s streets.

    “We’re kind of archaic in our design so part of our problem is caused by that design,” Duval said.

    The study reported the 29 intersections where the most collisions took place. Topping the list was 900 W. Center St. with 63 accidents reported. Thirteen of the top 29 are located somewhere along University Avenue.

    According to the report, accidents happen most often on weekdays, especially Fridays, during the months of January, June and September, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

    “We’re just analyzing when, where, and why the accidents are happening,” said Karen Mayne, public information officer for the Provo Police Department.

    After analyzing the data, Provo City officials say they will determine where and how they can improve the troubling traffic spots in Provo.

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