Letter to the Editor: Cheering Utes is a sign of sportsmanship


    Dear Editor:

    This letter is in response to several references made in The Daily Universe regarding BYU fans who supported Utah in its NCAA tournament run last year.

    It seems The Daily Universe sportswriters are bitter about this. I have attended almost every BYU home football game since I was 5 years old. I’ve attended several games in Rice Stadium and the Huntsman Center dressed in blue, cheering the Cougars. I also supported Utah last year in their NCAA tournament run. It was a class team that represented my state well.

    I see no problem cheering your rival when you’re not playing against them. It has to do with class and sportsmanship. President Bateman seems to think so as well. Obviously The Daily Universe sportswriters are lacking in these two traits.

    Jason Wilson

    Spanish Fork

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