Letter to the Editor: Bigorty has no place at BYU


    Dear Editor:

    Recently in one of my classes a comment was made that disgusted me. What was even more appalling, however, was the response (or lack thereof) to said comment.

    We were discussing the virtue and the rule of law and the reasons why some groups of people tend to respect these more than others. Cases were made for cultural causes and other causes based on learned behavior. Then the comment was made that it might be a matter of ethnicity — referring to race and not culture — or at least that’s how I interpreted the comment.

    Based on my interpretation, I raised my hand in objection and stated that such a mode of thought leads to social Darwinism and bigotry and is not right. The point was side-stepped and disregarded as the topic was abruptly changed.

    The fact that a student of BYU, who most likely subscribes to and professes a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, should make such a brazen comment angered and worried me. That an instructor of the same institution would let such a misconception go without further argument in the cause of correction was appalling. Is it possible that we as students of BYU are so ignorant?

    Our founding fathers believed, and tried to build a nation, on the grounds that all men are created equal. Our nation has struggled with this ideal since its birth. A civil war was fought, in part, to uphold this ideal. Civil rights leaders have lost their lives in support of this ideal. How is it that this truth has not sunk into our heads yet? Hasn’t the tyranny and bloodshed through the ages due to intolerance and prejudice been sufficient to prove the rightness of equality and tolerance?

    And what of the gospel we embrace? Jesus taught us to love all men. This is how we will be known as His disciples. God is not a respecter of persons but deals with all men justly and with equity no matter race, creed, or status. Are we to procure any less? Shouldn’t we follow the example of God?

    Let us adhere to the gospel to which we subscribe and embrace it in its entirety. Let us vocally object to ignorant misconceptions until they are purged from us. Let us defend the principles of equality and tolerance with firm and loving correction.

    Ayon La Vanway

    Wenatchee, Wash.

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