Y Days seeks to help students serve



    So why Y Day? Many of those who have yet to participate in any of the Y Day activities often ask themselves this very question.

    Y Day activities give students opportunities to serve. According to BYUSA, approximately 200 people are involved in planning and executing the activities for Y Day and around 3,500 students are expected to participate.

    BYUSA chose this year’s theme, “Exemplify ‘Y’ You Are Here,” to focus on the duty that BYU students have to render service to BYU, church and community. The theme was created to compliment the universities motto: Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.

    BYU is founded upon four principles that explain that a BYU education should be: spiritually strengthening, intellectually stimulating, character building and a lifelong of learning and service.

    Bart Longson, 23, a senior from Eagle, Idaho, majoring in finance said, “Every year I participate in Y Days, I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose as a BYU student.”

    Anna Schnebly, chair of the Saturday evening activity said, “We hope that when the audience leaves Saturday evening, they will have a strengthened desire to learn and serve those around them.”

    “Y Day gives me an opportunity to be an example to others in the community and on campus. I’m able to show them what this school is all about,” Longson said.

    The vision of Y Day goes far beyond what happened this year and what has happened in the past. BYUSA hopes to keep the tradition of Y Day going as long as BYU exists. It is here to benefit current students and also future students.

    Scott Edwards, 22, a senior from Heber, majoring in business said, “My parents still talk about the times they climbed the mountain and participated in Y Day service projects.”

    “One day when I get married and have kids, I’m sure I’ll be sitting them down and telling them the same sort of boring stories,” Edwards said.

    Much preparation goes into Y Days. Though this year’s activities are not yet over, the committee has already begun next year’s planning.

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