Letter to the Editor: Keep trivial news out of “Ne


    Dear editor,

    I am an avid Daily Universe reader. I like to be informed about local news and also national and international news. One section I never pass up is the “News Briefs” section that is always in the top right corner of page two. The headlines on Sept. 2 were, “Hotel honors 50-year-old receipt, Rabbi uses surfing to find God, Hurricane frustrates wedding plans and Dog riding on Harley OK, judge says.”

    I feel the “News Briefs” section on page two should be devoted to the headline news, not silly news. Humorous and trivial news like this has its place. I read all four articles and was amused.

    My concern is the choice of articles The Daily Universe chooses off the Associated Press wire to put on page two. We have a president facing a possible impeachment, as well as Boris Yeltsin and the Russian government in a dead-lock about the next prime minister amidst a huge economic crisis.

    Our own economy is going up and down like a roller coaster. Pakistan and India now have nukes pointed at each other. The Mars Global Surveyor has orbited Mars 550 times, taking thousands of pictures. And so on, and so on.

    The Daily Universe does run some AP articles throughout the paper, which is good. I just think the “News Briefs” section has the potential to inform people about important and relevant news fast — hence the title, “News Briefs.”

    Perhaps you could run a section called “Cute News,” or “Weird News” with articles like what was in the Sept. 2 “News Briefs.” My newspaper at home has a section called “the Back Page” (on the back page), where they run strange and funny news. I think that section is on the back page, and not on page two, for a good reason.

    I enjoy the diversity of the Daily Universe’s articles and would just like to see a little more headline news, instead of tabloid trivia.

    Karl Kuebitz

    Poway, Calif.

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