Students can show honor by dressing appropriately



    Attending the semi-formal dances and parties at BYU can be one of the highlights of your college experience. Making sure your wardrobe meets the expectations for a BYU student will ensure you will not be asked to return to your room to dress in more suitable attire in order for you to be admitted to an activity.

    It is important to come prepared with clothes that will be in keeping with your commitment to honor. The dress and grooming standards apply both on and off campus. Please remember:

    — Clothing must be to the knee or longer (even an inch or two above the knee is not acceptable).

    — Dresses and formal gowns must not be sleeveless, sheer sleeved, low cut or backless. Slits must not extend above the knee.

    — Bikinis, brief swimsuits, suits made of sheer material and deep-cut suits are not to be worn. All swimsuits and other clothing with straps and ties are to remain fastened or tied while swimming, sunbathing or lounging.

    — Men are expected to be clean shaven. Goatees and sideburns that extend below the earlobe and onto the face are inappropriate. Earrings for men are unacceptable.

    — Hair for men should be neatly trimmed above the ears and off the collar in back.

    — Extreme colors and styles of the hair for both men and women are unacceptable.

    — Modesty in dress and grooming is expected.

    We want your BYU experience to be the best that it can be. Your success is important to the success of the university community. When we dress, speak and act in a modest manner, we portray a visual example of our internal moral code. Come prepared to meet the Aims of a BYU Education and become intellectually enlarged, spiritually strengthened, to build your character and to develop a commitment to life-long learning and service. For more information, stop by and see us, The Student Honor Association, in 4414 ELWC.

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