Vandals attack Mountain View and Timpanogos High S



    Mountain View and Timpanogos High Schools were both hit by vandalism, officials are not sure exactly what day the vandalism occured, but suspect it happened over the long weekend. The damage was discovered by custodians when they arrived back to school on Monday.Vandals at Mountain View High School in Orem pried open a window to enter the school and spray painted graffiti on the walls and lockers of a portable classroom.

    “Its a good school, its got a great reputation with a lot of excellent programs, its not a reflection on the school, but a reflection on the individual,” said Chuck Bearce assistant principle of Mountain View High School.

    According to Lt. Bob Conner, with the Orem Police Department the vandals spray painted their tag names as well as other symbolic gang symbols such as “187” which stands for homicide, and “BK” which stands for blood killers.

    Although the vandalism appeared to be gang related, police officials could not credit the vandalism with a particular gang.

    After the initial police report was filed it was discovered that a t.v. set was stolen.

    “There was a $350 t.v. that was stolen, along with a t.v. cart,” said Bill Delaney, principle of Mountain View High School. The cart was later recovered in an empty field.

    Mountain View officials did not have an estimate of the damages as a result of the vandalism, but Principle Delaney said the entire hallway will need to be replaced.

    According to Brad Kendall, assistant principle at Timpanogos High School in Orem, vandals also caused considerable damage to that school. The sprinkler system wires along the outside of the school were clipped, diabling two water valves and damaging 26 sprinklers.

    Kendall also said the driver’s education cars were egged and one car window was broken.

    “We have vandalism that happens here and there, but this is the first time they’ve done anything to the sprinkler system,” said Kendall.

    Police do not suspect these incidents are related, but they are not ruling out the posibility of a connection. Officials at Mountain View High School said the police do have possible suspects, but no arrests have been made.

    After gathering evidence and assessing the damage done to the schools, the next step is to clean up.

    “We try to get it taken care of as quickly as possible,” said Kay Giles, director of grades 7-12 in the Alpine School District.

    Officials at Timponogas said they have already started the clean up process, the sprinklers have already been replaced as well as the window of the driver’s education vehicle.

    “It is a sad commentary when the actions of a few people taint the view of a community,” said Bearse.

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