Karl Douglas Consolvo wanted for 3 bank robberies



    Police now know the identity of the suspect who robbed one Orem and two Provo banks and shot a BYU police officer.

    Provo Police Chief Greg Cooper said the assailant, Karl Douglas Consolvo, who orginates from Virginia, is wanted in six states for crimes including rape, abduction with a firearm and several burglaries.

    “We would like to caution the general public that this individual should be considered armed and extremely dangerous,” Cooper said. “He has been on a crime rampage since January, … and as stated before, he is HIV positive, so he has nothing to lose (from being killed).”

    Just minutes after robbing two banks in Provo and shooting BYU Police Sgt. Dave Adams, Consolvo apparently abandoned his car at the Moose Lodge on South State Street in Provo, then walked next door to Last Stop Auto Sales where he said he wanted to buy a car for his girlfriend.

    “He wanted to take a test drive but made me drive,” said Rick Gubler, Last Stop Auto salesman. “We went around the block for about five minutes, and when we got back, he threw down a wad of money and said ‘I’ll take it.'”

    Gubler said it was a little suspicious because the man walked onto the lot and paid cash for the car without dickering.

    According to Provo police, Consolvo bought a 1988 dark blue Mazda 323 with the temporary license number L74249.

    Gubler said he saw Consolvo an hour later, in his new car, pulling out of the Moose Lodge parking lot.

    According to the FBI, Karl Douglas Consolvo is 38 years old, 6’ 1″ tall, 180 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes and has a double-pierced left ear. He has a slight stutter, walks with a limp and is bow-legged.

    Gubler said he didn’t even know about the burglaries until Thursday morning when someone showed him a newspaper.

    FBI agent Greg Meacham said everyone should be on alert and be cautious if Consolvo is seen.

    “We would like to caution the general public that this individual should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. And should you see him or the car, you should contact the Provo Police Department or the FBI,” Meacham said.

    According to Provo police, the robberies in Salt Lake County during the past week are unrelated to Consolvo and the burglaries in Provo and Orem.

    Police said they are looking into a statement from Gubler that Consolvo asked the car dealer if the Mazda 323 he bought would make it to Virginia.

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