Letter to the Editor: Firearms used responsibly


    John D. Lee


    In Eric Snider’s piece “Start the Olympics with a bang” that appeared in the May 6 edition of The Universe, he expressed concern about concealed firearm permit holders carrying firearms into Olympic venues and permit holders who are hoping to use a firearm to thwart a robbery or other crime.

    Individuals who have a license to carry a concealed firearms are not the ones who will be causing trouble at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

    I know a number of people who own firearms, including handguns. Some of these individuals have applied for and been issued a concealed firearm permit by the state of Utah.

    I can assure Mr. Snider that they have no intention of “shooting up” the Olympic Games.

    A person who is issued a concealed firearm permit cannot have a criminal record and must pass a strict background check.

    In my experience, individuals who have been issued a concealed firearm permit are not hoping for an opportunity to use a firearm “to save the day.”

    The last thing they want to be involved in is a shooting. It is unfortunate that Mr. Snider has chosen to promote this false stereotype of permit holders.

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