Local talent hoping to inspire children, adults



    A local singer/songwriter of adult contemporary music will debut tonight at the Villa Theater in Springville. This concert premiere will include mostly the artist’s original work.

    Alan Birdsall of Spanish Fork was featured as the lead vocalist for “I Found the Light,” a song on Janice Kapp Perry and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch’s new cd “My God is Love.”

    Birsall hopes to take off with his own music gaining more local support and eventually national and international recognition.

    “I hope to have international distribution and be able to perform worldwide,” Birdsall said.

    Birdsall is no stranger to an audience. According to his business manager Vicki Matafeo, Birdsall played the organ at the Salt Lake Tabernacle when he was 12.

    “He’s always been singing. He’s always been involved with music,” Matafeo said.

    Birdsall has already recorded a religious CD titled “Savior’s Theme” and a children’s tape, “My Skunk Stinks.”

    Birdsall uses his musical ability to promote family values among elementary school children in the Provo/Orem area. Using the songs from his CD, Birdsall gives children a 45-minute program that promotes good values, self-esteem and good clean fun.

    “When I perform the songs, the kids light up and it promotes their self-esteem,” Birdsall said. “It’s really fun and it promotes good values.”

    According to Birdsall, parents can enjoy the music just as much. He has had adults tell him that when listening with their children, the music makes them feel just as good as it does the kids.

    “Music can definitely have a positive impact on the way we feel and act,” Birdsall said. He thinks people should listen to his music because it makes them feel good.

    Birdsall feels his music reflects his thoughts and values.

    “Usually I write something because of an experience I have personally; it’s kind of like a journal,” he said. “I’ve always written music for the intent that this is how I feel, if the producers like it, that’s great. If they don’t like it, oh well, maybe someday they will.”

    Along with the adult contemporary music Birdsall is featuring Wednesday, there will be an original children’s segment as well. “It should be great family entertainment,” Matafeo said.

    According to Matafeo, tickets can be purchased at the door for $8 per person or $25 for a family pass.

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