Letter to the editor: Help the humor-impaired


    Mike Felix

    I propose a ban on satire in the Reader’s Forum of The Daily Universe. The problem is simply this: whenever someone gets annoyed by the whining that goes on here and composes a sarcastic letter to poke fun at it, there’s always one of us so naive that the whole point flies right over his head. This someone then composes his own letter, berating the first writer for his/her intolerant thoughts (which weren’t really intolerant, but heck, how are we supposed to tell)? The rest of the campus reads it and moans; it ruins the intended refreshing effect.

    The more subtle the sarcasm, the more clueless the response. For this reason, I believe you should restrict use of the Reader’s Forum to complaining purposes only. That way when we read about rude BYU students who push people off sidewalks and tyrranical professors with scandalous grading practices, we humor-impaired won’t all have such a hard time figuring out whether the author is really angry or just being a stiffnecked cynic. We can then scold him with impunity, assured that our disgust with him has not numbed our sense of humor.

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