Easter trees are selling like hot cakes



    Christmas was four months ago and by now your apartment is probably beginning to look a little dull. The apartment may need something to lighten up the place. Easter is coming up and what would be better than an Easter tree costing just over $7?

    Unlike half-dead apartment plants, the Easter tree is low maintenance. There is no need for water, bug repellant or even light.

    Here are some tips about buying and decorating an Easter tree:

    First, buy the tree.

    BUY one NOW. They have been hot cakes on the shelves. Calling around, the only store that had them in stock was Provo Craft, and it had sold out the first shipment fairly quickly. They thought three Easter egg trees were enough for this Easter season — WRONG!

    One Provo Craft employee said the store has sold quite a few Easter trees — 12 in all.

    Now onto decorating. Oh, wait! Choosing the right tree to buy is very critical. Keep in mind the quality of these trees are … well, they’re mass produced, so make sure all the wires are properly wrapped with tissue and the basket is filled with plenty of pink grass.

    Decorating: This can be difficult depending on how you go about it. First, carefully remove the tree from the wrapper by cutting vertically. Be gentle enough to not lose any plastic leaves. Each wire branch only has one leaf, which can fall off like veggies on a pizza.

    It is also wise to supply yourself with glue, preferably hot glue or super glue. Occasionally, the tree and its decorations fall apart. The glue becomes a critical agent in fixing it.

    The next step is to carefully apply pressure on each wire branch in such a way that a potential decoration will not slide down to the trunk of the tree. Finally when the branches are horizontal to the table, it is decorating time!

    Depending on the anticipated location of the tree, the placement of the decorations is critical for the right look. If the tree is going to be in a corner or next to a wall, adjust the branches so the majority are pointed forward. Then, pile the tiny carrots, rabbits and eggs on those branches.

    On the other hand, if the tree will be a center-piece on a table or desk, poke the branches out in all directions and apply only one decoration on each branch. It will give it more symmetric appeal. Be sure to turn the tree or walk around it to ensure an evenly spread.

    Not only will this tree bring spring into the apartment, but it will remind you and your roommates of the good old days of Easter when you didn’t get strange and unusual looks from people while gathering candy and eggs on Easter egg hunts.

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