Tough Lacrosse team teaches newcomers how to play



    BYU’s lacrosse team dominated this weekend, with two resounding home victories against Utah State and UVSC Friday and Saturday.

    Winning 26-3 against Utah State and pounding UVSC 21-1, the lacrosse team had much to feel confident about.

    However, the games were not expected to be much of a challenge to the national championship team. Both games were UVSC’s and Utah State’s first ever; as they are both newcomers to the league.

    Head coach Jason Lamb said BYU could have scored twice as many goals, but wanted to make sure their opponents had a good first game experience.

    “The last thing we wanted to do was beat them so badly their first game they were not excited about playing again,” Lamb said.

    Weather forced both UVSC and Utah State to face the most dominant club team in the nation for their inaugural games. Both teams missed games last week due to snow, but unfortunately for them, Provo enjoyed beautiful weather this weekend.

    Despite the ease of the wins, Lamb said the games were worth playing for three main reasons.

    “It was history in the making, as these two new teams joined the league. Unfortunately for them, it had to be against us,” Lamb said.

    Second, Lamb said it was a great opportunity for second-string players to have a chance to compete. Every member of the team played in both games.

    Backup goalie Jared Taylor had a rare chance to play, and turned in a notable performance.

    “Jared (Taylor) is a great backup goalie. He could probably start on another team,” Lamb said.

    The games were also good preparation for this week’s road trip back East. The team was able to work on areas that needed refining, taking the fast breaks slower to improve their clears, ball control and ground balls.

    Lamb counted the weekend a success, not only because of the wins but because he said they improved in areas they needed to improve.

    The Cougars will travel East for the first time in BYU lacrosse history this week for three big games.

    “This will be the biggest trip and these the biggest games this weekend, aside from the national championship games,” Lamb said.

    They will play the University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and the U.S. Naval Academy.

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