Nursing mothers need accommodation


    Katrina McNiven

    On Feb. 8 a regional conference was held in the Marriott Center for all BYU married student stakes. Throughout the course of the entire conference, I noticed numerous mothers wandering around the concourse with their children. Some were looking for somewhere to nurse their babies, others were seeking somewhere to change a diaper.

    They all searched in vain. As a mother myself, before the conference began I went to the restroom to try to find somewhere to nurse my son, but the only place available was a stall. I had to change his diaper with him squirming all around the dirty floor. I finally found an usher, and, with support from other mothers who needed to take care of their children, we were able to get a room opened. We weren’t able to hear the speakers at the conference because the sound wasn’t piped in, but at least we could feed and change our children in private.

    With the number of families with children here, and with the number of public functions which are held in the Marriott Center, I feel it is only reasonable that they have facilities for these types of things. There are changing tables and chairs for nursing in the other buildings, so why not the Marriott Center?

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