Wilkinson center construction continues



    Every day thousands of students flock to the Wilkinson Center for various reasons. Most students are heading for the BYU Bookstore or the Cougareat. Construction has made that voyage a difficult one.

    For many people who have recently tried to get to the rest of the Wilkinson Center through the Bookstore, they know what a maze it can be.

    The Bookstore’s first phase of construction was completed last week, said Dennis Lindberg, assistant director of operations and training. The first floor now holds the health and beauty, music, photo and shipping departments as well as art and school supplies.

    The gift, men’s and women’s, and sporting goods departments are in the Bookstore annex on the third floor. Entrances to those departments from the Bookstore will close Feb. 2. The new entrances are located on the third floor of the Wilkinson Center. Across the hall in room 3223 is the computer department, Lindberg said.

    Feb. 2, the entire third floor will be closed. The customer service desk will be relocated to the first level. Text books can be purchased in the garden court of the Wilkinson Center.

    The latest construction has invaded one of the most well-traveled hallways on campus. The main entrance from the Bookstore to the rest of the Wilkinson Center is now closed, which affects a majority of the BYU population.

    Heath Connett, a senior majoring in manufacturing engineering from Ann Arbor, Mich., said his first trip after the main entrance from the Bookstore to the Cougareat was closed was not easy.

    He said he walked toward the main stairs until he realized his usual route was under construction.

    “Then, I wandered through the book section until I found that we could go outside (the northwest entrance) and come around that way,” Connett said.

    “It could have been annoying, but I’m used to the construction,” he said.

    Micah Eldredge, a sophomore majoring in business from Vancouver, Wash., and Seth Hurdle, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering from Provo, also had trouble.

    “We tried to go through (the Bookstore), and we didn’t see any signs directing us where to go,” Hurdle said.

    They said they tried to find a short cut but had no luck. “Frustrated, is the word to describe us,” Eldredge said. They made it to the northwest door and followed the crowd to the terrace entrance.

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