Letter to the editor: Non-student fans deserve res


    Julie Hatch

    On Jan. 22, several students wrote a plea to the powers in charge that students’ seats at basketball games not be sold to anyone other than students.

    I agree that the student section should not be tampered with. Here’s a simple solution: buy the tickets.

    Students have always been given first priority to buy student tickets. If they are not sold, indicating a decrease in demand, good business practice suggests that they be made available to non-students.

    You ask who can question that all of the chants, cheers and just plain noise is coming from the student section? I can. I don’t sit in the student section. As a staff member, I sit in the faculty/staff section. There is a lot of cheering going on in other parts of the Marriott Center. There was a lot of cheering going on before the students decided to show up for the Utah game. Most of us non-students have been cheering for a long time. We showed up to the games last year and watched a team with a lot of heart lose some tough games.

    Before getting upset at the retirees who want to be able to see, remember that they are down close because they have been buying tickets for a long time. They could have been like a lot of people who didn’t renew their tickets this year. Instead, they are there supporting the team just like they have for many years. Rather than criticism, they deserve our respect and common courtesy.

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