Marven’s Garden releasing new CD Saturday



    Marven’s Garden serves up just what you’d expect from a blues/funk band: good-time lyrics, blues guitar and just enough groove rhythm to keep a crowd on its feet and dancing. And this Saturday there will be no sitting down for the local band’s CD release party at the Vintage House at 480 West Center.

    “We’re really excited about putting on a good show,” said Merrill Teemant, vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Marven’s Garden. “Our biggest thrill is when people get up and dance when we play.”

    After over two years of playing together, the band is finally releasing their CD debut “Fresh Produce” because of a high demand from fans for a recording.

    “We’ve played a lot, but we’ve never had a CD to send somebody home with,” Teemant said.

    “Fresh Produce” was recorded this summer at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Greenhouse has been home to recordings by such big names as K.D. Lang, Queensryche and Aerosmith.

    “We were very concerned about putting out a quality CD; that was our number one goal,” Teemant said. “So we went to a hot, top quality recording studio. This is something that we’re really proud of.”

    Though the band’s members are from all over the country, they all met up here in Provo because of common music tastes and some interesting circumstances.

    Marven’s Garden began when Teemant heard Mike Cannell, the band’s lead guitarist, playing on acoustic guitar in a park in Provo. After discussing music for a while they decided to get together and jam. Soon after, Teemant’s brother Leo returned home from his LDS mission and began playing bass with the band.

    After going through about five different drummers the trio met up with Cristina Cano, the band’s current drummer, at a party. They were impressed by her rhythm and style, so they invited her to play some cover tunes with them.

    Interestingly enough, all four of them ended up in the same LDS ward by chance.

    Since then, they’ve been playing to local crowds and have built up quite a loyal following in the area.

    “Playing live for people is great; you get to see that people really enjoy what you’re doing,” Leo Teemant said.

    The show begins Saturday at 8:30 p.m.; there’s a $3 cover charge. Opening for Marven’s Garden will be The Groove at Mike’s Deli and DJ Rick B.

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