Please “zip your lip” in the library


    Zachary DerrAlpine

    Last Saturday night, because of my nonexistent love life, I went to the Law School Library to get some homework done, anticipating a calm serene setting for me to get inspiration and understanding on my loads of homework. This was not the case. I sat down to read the “Odyssey” and found myself in the middle of a conversation about somebody’s friend getting married. Annoyed, I moved to a different spot. There I found not only more conversationalists, but a mother watching a little girl who was running around screaming.

    Needless to say, this did not provide a stellar studying environment. I can sympathize with parents who attend BYU and have young children. However, I don’t think the Law Library is not the best place to entertain them.

    Socializing can be done anywhere on campus, so why bring it to the library? Please, as a courtesy to others, come to the library to read and study, do other things elsewhere.

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