LDS country artist showcases at State Fair



    Rising country star, Kevin Sharp delighted audiences at the Utah State Fair Tuesday night with a show that mixed good country music with a solid on-stage performance.

    Sharp, who has already produced two, number-one singles this year, started the show by spraying the crowd with water guns. Larger water guns were then brought out and Sharp dowsed the crowd again for eight or nine minutes. The band then launched into a fast, up-tempo song and before long, everyone was on their feet.

    Sharp performed the majority of songs from his CD titled “Measure of a Man.” Sharp’s first single, “Nobody Knows,” stayed at number-one for four weeks.

    Several times during the performance, the music stopped as Sharp joked around with band members.

    During the show, Sharp received at least 20 wrapped roses and gifts, including a corn dog. Sharp told the audience he used to like corn dogs until he ate 22 in one day.

    The 26-year-old Sharp, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was raised in a family of seven. At 7-years-old, Sharp moved with his family from Northern California to Weiser, Idaho. They returned to California eight years later, settling in Sacramento. There Sharp performed with his family in a variety of church and school functions. In 1989, Sharp joined a Broadway musical company in Sacramento.

    While Sharp was a senior in high school he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

    In 1991 his cancer went into remission and he began performing again.

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