Waiting listinitiatedfor Wyview



    Out with the old and in with the new is a familiar theme at Housing Services as preparation begins for the final segment of new student family apartments.

    Housing Services has plans to finish Wyview Park, the new married housing apartments, by the beginning of December. Just as Wymount has a waiting list, a list for Wyview has already begun.

    “There is a lot of interest from Wymount tenants asking about transfers down,” said Garry Briggs, assistant manager of family housing.

    There will be a total of 426 new apartments when the project is complete. The apartments will be two and three bedrooms and a few will be equipped for students with disabilities.

    Apartments will include Cougarnet access, air conditioning and storage space. Each apartment will have its own thermostat for temperature control.

    “The apartments are somewhat larger than Wymount,” said David Hunt, director of Housing Services.

    The proposed rental rate for the 336 two bedroom apartments is $450, while the rate for the 90 three bedroom apartments is $540.

    The central building, which will be complete in December, will have housing business offices, a convenience store and a laundry facility. The laundry facility will be larger than any other at Wymount. The hot water tank for the facility holds 530 gallons of water.

    A multi-purpose building will be located near the central building. It will have a large meeting room for ward and community activities. Soundproof offices for bishops, a media center, an area for meal preparation and restrooms will also be included.

    The children of Wyview Park were also kept in mind as plans were made. Swings, bars to play on, play areas and other equipment will be scattered in the complex for the children’s use.

    The students and their spouses will also have play areas. Basketball courts, volleyball pits and a large grassy area will be part of the housing complex.

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