Student honors pioneers



    A BYU student has created an educational program celebrating Utah’s pioneer heritage. “The 150 Years Program” is being offered by the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.

    Adam Clark, a junior from Spanish Fork majoring in environmental science, developed the program in conjunction with the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

    “My boss just suggested the idea to me, and then me and another student did the rest,” Clark said. The program was developed with a pioneer theme to teach children about plants, animals, the environment and the pioneer trek to Utah.

    The program will run until July 31 and offers four classes children can register for. The classes are for children ages 5 to 10 and will focus on many of the trials and discoveries the pioneers made as they forged a trail across the West.

    The first class, “Plants and Animals,” teaches children about the variety of plants and animals the pioneers encountered as they came across the plains.

    The second class, titled “Ecosystems,” deals with the different land formations the pioneers had to cross, including deserts, prairies and mountains.

    “Traveling,” the third class, deals with the challenges of traveling across the country in handcarts and wagon trains. This class discusses many questions and challenges the pioneers faced as they traveled, like the best kind of animals to use and the types of wagons that had to be made.

    The final class, “Roughing It,” takes a look at how the pioneers cooked, hunted and survived in a rugged wilderness.

    “It’s a really neat program, a one of a kind thing that will never come again. Well, not for another 150 years,” Clark said.

    Clark, who developed the class curriculum, also teaches the classes with a few volunteers. He is excited about the program and thinks it will add to the educational programs offered at the Bean Museum. “I just hope we can get a few more volunteers to help teach,” Clark said.

    The classes are offered every week from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The cost is $8 per class or $30 for all four. Students registering for all four classes will receive a free T-shirt. Classes are limited to 15 students and registration is on a first-come-first serve basis. For more information, call 378-5051.

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