New band to feature‘fusion pop’ in debut



    Star Motel, a new band, is set to hit the scene in Provo with a set of original material written by anxious New York City musician, Brian Frazee.

    The saturated band scene in New York City brought Frazee to Provo.

    “Record labels just aren’t looking in the obvious places any longer. New York City, L.A., Chicago … they’re all dried up,” Frazee said. “I came out here where the music scene is really starting to explode. It’s a great atmosphere for up-and-coming acts.”

    Frazee said they like to call their music fusion pop. It is an aggressive blend of acoustic rock, folk and straight-up pop.

    He said, “take a tablespoon of Toad the Wet Sprocket, mix that with a little Red Hot Chili Peppers and a dash of early Live.”

    Bassist Rob Fulkerson, majoring in sound recording from Monett, Mo., said, “To help give our music an edge I break out of typical and boring base lines. I’ve created unconventional bass lines to give our music some character and feel.”

    Star Motel members said they are concerned with creating a whole atmosphere for their fans. It is not just music, they are a whole package.

    They try to appeal to all the senses.

    “The atmosphere is vibrantly colorful yet contemplative. You can’t leave a Star Motel show behind … the songs seem to stick in your ears,” Frazee said.

    “We don’t dress crazy or in costumes, just colorfully. We are bringing in a light show to the Station on Saturday,” Fulkerson said.

    They said they want to attract audiences that are here to have a good time and be entertained — a high energy band for a high energy crowd.

    “We are looking for a crowd that is deeper then the usual radio crowd,” Frazee said.

    Star Motel lyrics deal with issues deeper than a sad person who just lost the love of his or her life. Topics range from a friend’s battle for self-identity in “Home” to “Would You Wait for the End of the World” that questions why we delay doing what we want in life.

    Star Motel formed in November, but didn’t reach its full line-up until February. Three of the musicians have known each other since high school and are reuniting.

    The band members have been playing in other groups all their lives. Fulkerson played in local band Ace is Wired and Frazee recently left his New York City-based band Nobo-Daddy. His band received radio and television airplay along the east coast.

    Star Motel is promoting the new show on their own web page.

    “The music is huge, the lyrics are embracing and the material is emotional,” Frazee said.

    Star Motel will debut Saturday at the Station in Provo. Fat Albert is opening and the show will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $4.

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