Local bakery offers variety



    Using cooking techniques from Holland and several different ingredients, one bread company draws in customers to taste its variety of homemade quality breads.

    Found on 294 W. 1300 South in Orem, between Circuit City and TJ Maxx, The Mountain Mill Bread Company has bread, bagels, cinnamon rolls, cookies, muffins and sandwiches.

    “The bread is thick, moist and good,” said Sean Paxman, a senior from Sierra Vista, Ariz., majoring in economics who visited the bakery Monday.

    “It tastes homemade, and it is freshly baked,” Paxman said.

    The bakery is owned by Jon Heaton who met a friend from Holland whose family baked bread for five generations and invited Heaton to come over. He spent six months touring and working in the bakery where he learned to bake. He started his own bakery over a year ago using the techniques he learned in Europe.

    Through his expertise, Heaton has created the bakery’s own style of bread.

    “It’s moist, cooked in a rotating oven which makes it moist, and it’s more dense than your average grocery store bread,” said Seleste Blatter, baker and customer service representative.

    Mountain Mill Bread Company offers free slices of bread, for those interested in the kinds they have to offer. The bakery has eight specialty breads such as banana nut, seven grain, sourdough tomato herb and garlic triple cheese.

    They also have nine daily-bread varieties such as county white, honey whole wheat and sourdough white.

    Another way to taste the bread is to order one of their sandwiches. The Mountain Mill Bread Company makes good sandwiches the customer personally designs.

    “They give you a sheet that asks what kind of bread you want, then you can put as many kinds of meat, dressing or toppings as you want,” Paxman said.

    Paxman liked all the different toppings one can choose to put on the sandwich.

    “You can put other stuff on your sandwich, cucumbers, tomatoes, brussel sprouts and three different kinds of cheeses,” Paxman said.

    “I’m back for my third time,” said Jimmy Smith, a junior from Littleton, Colo. majoring in human biology.

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