On Valentine’s Day, the little things matter most



    This is my “do’s” and “don’ts” list for Valentine’s Day.

    The truth is, I’ve had my good and bad February 14’s. But the holiday never fails to make my heart do twirls. I’ve found that there’s always a lot of fun to be had in the holiday, and though I’m not an expert, I hope you enjoy some of my ideas.

    Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    DO give valentines to your friends: the little ones from the store, with the envelopes that never seal all the way shut. Be sure to include candy conversation hearts, like you did in elementary school. If you really like the person, give them extra hearts.

    DO smear your lips with bright red lipstick and kiss all the mirrors or windows in the house. Attack your friends’ places, too.

    DO find a lips-shaped rubber stamp and stamp all your toilet paper.

    DO make plenty of paper hearts to decorate with. You know, the construction paper kind, like you made when you were a kid. Use glue and glitter.

    DO buy that special someone a red rose. Or even a dozen. If you don’t have the money, make your own. Chocolate chip cookies work, with green pipe cleaners for stems.

    DO explore the Internet. There is some fun stuff out there, like sending bouquets and cards by e-mail.

    DO make a “red” dinner or breakfast. That’s what food coloring is for. Breakfast in bed is good, too.

    DO write that poem yourself. You may not be a poet, but only you know how you truly feel.

    DO be yourself. Be creative in your own way.

    DON’T let another Valentine’s Day pass by wishing you’d done something.

    DON’T spend tons of money. It’s the poems and the sweet sentiments that are remembered, not the cookies.

    DON’T let Valentine’s Day go by without event! It can be a fun day for anyone, but it takes some thought. Chances are, if you sit back and wait for the day to be wonderful, it won’t be.

    DON’T forget your family on Valentine’s Day.

    DON’T pass up the chance to brighten someone else’s day. If you don’t have a “special someone,” choose a person to bombard with valentines lore anyway. You may never know how much good you’ve done.

    DON’T leave home without an extra valentine to give to that person you didn’t expect to get a valentine from. Insert “neutral” conversation hearts so it’s flexible.

    DON’T forget to use hearts. On everything. Plaster with hearts.

    DON’T let the day pass by without saying, “I love you.”

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