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    Two BYU students have been chosen to represent the university’s Honor Code Council during the “National Conference on Ethics in America” Tuesday through Sunday at West Point Military Academy in West Point, N.Y.

    Shannon Monroe, a senior from Martinez, Calif., majoring in psychology and French, and Eric Anderson, a senior from Tremonton majoring in public relations, are spending the week meeting with students from universities across the country.

    The event is sponsored by the military academy and seeks to bring people of varying backgrounds together to discuss codes of honor at different learning institutions.

    BYU was chosen to send representatives because of the original ideas the Honor Code represents. “The planners for this conference knew BYU has an honor code that was concerned with more than academic honesty,” said Rush Sumpter, Honor Code Office director. “BYU was selected because our Honor Code also includes areas relating to personal conduct.”

    Sumpter said many BYU students could have represented the university well at this event, but Anderson and Monroe were selected because of their background of volunteer service while in college and their own personal dedication to the ideals the honor code represents.

    “We could have chosen any two of 30,000 students on campus to represent BYU at this conference,” he said. “But these two were selected in part because of their work with the Honor Code Council.”

    Anderson chairs the public relations committee and Monroe serves as the peer support committee chair on the council.

    The conference is in its fifth year and is funded by an endowment set up by members of West Point’s graduating class of 1970 at their 20-year reunion. There is no cost to participants to attend.

    “We expect Shannon and Eric to represent BYU well on the national level and help other students from across the country understand the mission of this university,” said Desmond Eppel, honor code council chairman. “We also expect them to gain significant training at the conference and be able to return and train other members of the HCC.”

    During past years, the conference has had representatives from such colleges as Duke, University of Maryland, Air Force, Howard and Texas Christian. This is the first year BYU has been invited to send representatives.

    Eppel said participants will discuss ethical issues with CEOs of major corporations at the conference, as well as give student presentations pertaining to their own institution’s code of honor.”

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